Port Royal Baptist Church is affiliated with the Southern Baptist Convention. We cooperate with other Southern Baptist churches on the local level (Savannah River Baptist Association), the state level (South Carolina Baptist Convention), and the national level (Southern Baptist Convention).

Port Royal Baptist partners with Southern Baptist churches for the purpose of local and global missions and education through colleges and seminaries. Port Royal Baptist practically supports missions and education by contributing to the Cooperative Program, the Southern Baptist funding mechanism, and by participating in missions and education endeavors with Southern Baptist agencies.

We affirm historic Baptist doctrine and the statement of faith outlined in the Baptist Faith and Message 2000.

We affirm the Baptist conviction of the local autonomy of the church. This conviction holds that each local church is responsible for its own church government, decision making, mission and ministry philosophy, and other aspects of healthy church life. A proper understanding of local autonomy of churches encourages cooperation among churches for missions.

By affiliating with the Southern Baptist Convention, Port Royal Baptist remains practically connected to the Body of Christ in our city and around the world.