Welcome to Our Church!

Coronavirus (Covid 19) Updates:
Thursday, April 2
It is cautiously anticipated that all Fellowship and Services will remain suspended throughout the month of April. Facebook Live will again be be utilized this Sunday at 11am.
Thursday, March 26 – As terribly upset as we are about the events unfolding before us, we are also disappointed to cancel our “Eggstatic For Easter event. We were truly looking forward to serving God through our service to our community and seeing all of the smiling children. Cancelling is the only logical, responsible decision under these circumstances. We anticipate that there will be further disruptions, cancellations, and modifications to our Fellowship and Services.
Thursday, March 19 – In an attempt to conscientiously abide by local, state and federal attempts to curb the potential spread of Covid-19, Port Royal Baptist is now suspending all programs, activities and services through March 31. The 11am Sunday morning services will be live on Facebook, as usual, for your viewing. Any modifications will be announced with as much notice as possible. May we learn to have deeper appreciation for our times of fellowship in the future.
Tuesday, 3/17 – All Services scheduled for Wednesday, March 18 are cancelled.
9:45 AM – Nursery & Childcare
9:45 AM – All Ages Sunday School
11:00 AM – Nursery and Childcare
11:00 AM – Worship Service
5:15 PM – Fellowship Supper
6:30 PM – Children’s Programs
6:30 PM – Ignite Youth
6:30 PM – Bible Study / Prayer Meeting
Conveniently located next to Ribaut Road.