Welcome to Our Church!

Covid 19 Updates:
Saturday, May 16
Note: All following information is contingent upon SC Governor McMasters’ lawful orders and recommendations by SC DHEC and CDC. This re-opening plan is based on current information and is subject to change.
It is anticipated that 11:00am in-person services will resume Sunday, June 14. No other programs including, but not  limited to, Wednesday services, Sunday evening services, Sunday School, Children’s Church or childcare will be scheduled. We will move slowly, throughout the months of June and July adding more services as appropriate. Announcements concerning these additions will be emailed to members, on our website, and posted on social media.
On Sunday, June 14, every other pew will be unused and marked to allow for distancing. Families who live in the same household should sit together, not distanced and remain seated throughout the entire service. Doors will open at 10:45am. It is asked that personal conversations that normally occur in the sanctuary before and after services take place outside with proper distancing measures.
More detailed plans will be announced in the coming weeks. Please use this time to ensure you have masks and sanitizer.
We ask that members avoid physical contact and urge members to prayerfully and conscientiously consider their health and the health of others before attending. Wearing masks is recommended but not required. Sunday morning services will continue to be on aired on Facebook live and can now be viewed on our website at  https://www.portroyalbaptist.org/live-social-media/ 
9:45 AM – Nursery & Childcare
9:45 AM – All Ages Sunday School
11:00 AM – Nursery and Childcare
11:00 AM – Worship Service
5:15 PM – Fellowship Supper
6:30 PM – Children’s Programs
6:30 PM – Ignite Youth
6:30 PM – Bible Study / Prayer Meeting
Conveniently located next to Ribaut Road.